Mommmm.. theres a break of reailty again!!!!

Oliver opens their door, to than have complete access to their house.
Minus whatever area lucky's phyicsal area is taking up. And his uniform, which has been off for several hours.

"Hey lucky" they say, ever-so-slightly energettically.

Lucky tilted his head from laying on the sofa towards oliver
"hey, can you open the fridge?"
Normally this wouldn't be something someone would have to ask (say, for when someone holds your home refrigerator hostage) but if lucky dared touch that food box he'd get more then jest and calories)

"yeah, no problem"
It was a problem however, because when they opened the fridge, nothing was there. Not even the fridge they had opened was there! "..we're out of food" they told lucky.

"are we out of grocery money?"

Lucky knew that they weren't, and it was moreso that they were out of motivation to go shopping, after a long day of working. They both find themselves at the grocery store within 30 minutes, though. Wearing basically PJ's in dripping,
dry heat.

"They" (lucky,) both managed to pry open not-so-automatic doors open, releasing stale, cold air into the outside.
"It seems open," oliver commented "if not for the fact nobody's here." letting their paws hit the stale, 70's~ tiled floor.

"Empty, huh?" Lucky jests, as if he couldn't tell. His voice, a bit shakey. But pulling out his crumpled grocery list from months ago, they got to work.

"Lucky, you absoulutely SUCK at writing these," oliver said, glacning over lucky's shoulder. "Sorry for the fish 'disaster,' I forgot about that.
"Of course you forgot about that!" Almost knocking over the contents of a whole shelf, while not noticing his surrondings. "Be careful, I'd like to spend our money on food that isn't spilled
on the floor." Said in return, while opening the freezer with milk.

A bag of milk tumbled out, as if that was supossed to be there. Straight into their hands. In a so-so matter, oliver put it in their basket.
"I thought there was.." they trailed off. The whole freezer seemingly had rearranged in the moment neither of them were looking. It should have disturbed oliver,
But none of those feelings would come.

"Lucky did you see that." They asked, in a way that couldn't have really been considered a question.
Lucky looked amused, seeing oliver looked actually shocked by such a simple, really meaningless occurance. It made him want to laugh, but loving them he refrained.
"Just pretend we're canadian!" yeah no, lucky ran out of good jokes right about then. He hadn't even noticed they'd walked into a strange, foreboading isle,
an island away from the rest of the store.

At the end, sat waiting a solid gap that you'd fall out of, if you were careful.

"...what is that?" oliver squinted their eyes, out of terrified curosity.
"Maybe it's the reason the stores closed. Maybe its been here since it opened, and we're just the ones to find it"
"reassuring, lucky."

Cats, are known to do things without thinking it through. Lucky grabbed something that wasn't particuarlly anything, and threw it as hard as his arms let him into the hole.. thing
The noise it produced was barely detected by any form of hearing, and yet it was deafeningly loud.
Olivers ears folded back on their head, trying to shield them from what they did not know. A whimper was lost in a million soundwaves, before it all suddenly ceased.

"should be safe enough" Lucky commented, with olvier looking at him like he was absolutely insane.
"safe enough?? for what, an inamainate object?! What even is this??"

Lucky started to say something, but stopped himself. It felt darker, cooler, as if building itself was shushing him.
"just an inconvinence."