pov, you make s’mores with lucky in a guys house

(You, having no direction in life stumble onto a funny little cat on the side of the road. He has bright yellow sunglasses, and an obnoxiously touristy button up shirt on.
You don’t need to introduce yourself, as you subconsciously have seen him many times before, everyone has. He waves at you in a friendly, excited way and motions for you to follow him. Of course, you do. Many twists and turns later you end up in seemingly his house)

“hi, this is not my house” he says, confidently.

You could honestly care less about the fact this is probably illegal, because the funny cat guy seems to have been here before. You then say

“That’s cool,”

while you watch him start to search around in the house’s kitchen. He doesn’t bother to close any of the drawers or cabinets or the several fridges located in this house, because it wont matter when he finds what he needs. What he needs, is what he grabs with a big stupid smile on his face. He grabs a bag of marshmallows. Normally this would just be a nice snack between friends, normally.

However because this is something lucky is doing he starts getting anything that looks vaguely flammable and piles that all together, in the houses living room. You awkwardly smile because while you are craving marshmallows, you aren’t craving being burned alive.

Lucky however, is also not craving being burned alive. (Not like he can be, anyways)

You suggest moving it to the back porch.
“Well, why not the front porch?”
You also explain to lucky that a “front porch” doesn’t exist and isn’t a word, before you then realize it actually is a word.

…You hope he’ll eventually figure out you were wrong, while you help him carry out the probably flammable objects to the wooden back porch.
After taking a decently decent amount of time doing that, lucky pulls a lighter out of his non-existent pockets and smiles.

“Are you ready for some marshmallows?”

Lucky says this as he lights the pile, which causes a large flame burst out towards of both of you.
This alarms you, but lucky doesn’t seem alarmed! Actually, while you run away you notice he’s just having a blast with his burnt to a crisp marshmallows.
When you stop running from the newly burning house, you notice lucky still hasn’t moved.

And he’s completely unharmed. No signs of the fire that’s all around him burning a single bit of his fur. No sign of him feeling any heat. It almost looks like there isn’t a fire, but there definitely is because you can see it.

You just stand there in awe.

He eventually finishes the somehow intact bag and casually strolls away, leaving the burning building to its fate. He seems like he’s going to leave, when he looks at you.
“you’re over here?”
you tell him that if you had stayed with him to eat marshmallows you would have burned alive, which is one of the most painful deaths humans can experience!

“oh, humans aren’t fire proof”

you look at him and say

“neither are cats”

Lucky seems confused by this statement, but all that comes from this is that he shrugs it off, and smiles a bit

“Guess i’m not a cat, then!” he laughs, and you laugh a bit too.

You stop laughing when several firemen pull up. While you two are the only living beings there, at the scene of the now crime,
with lucky still somehow holding on to that lighter! What a silly little coincidence that is.

You panic, as one does in this situation.
Lucky, being very smart throws it on the ground. He kicks a couple of leaves over it, and declares that

“See? There’s no evidence!”

You couldn’t really see the lighter anymore, so that means you’ll both be safe logically. The house is not savable at this point, so the firemen completely give up and go home, ignoring both you and lucky anyways!

This is great as you both walk into the sunset, or something!!