witty ramblings lolz

january 27, 2023. Update 1

Finally made a more.. casual page to put my thoughts on!
My routine is changing right now, and I'm having a really difficult time getting used to it.
On the bright side, I got my first piece of Dalmation jasper!! from the "really cool crystal people" (I think you're reading, hi)
So yeah, schedules. Never liked them. Everything feels so wrong at the moment, and I almost miss them. Didn't get to do dance classes today because
we didn't have a car
(my mom was going to job training) but my father brought me starbucks in the morning (thanks, dad!)
hope you guys like the website!! :3c

january 28, 2023. update 2

I didn't have much happen, other than finding out several objects in my house are uraniam glass.
Very.. fun. Tired and dreading the future. lol!

january 29, 2023. update 3

We celbrated my mom getting a job with mexican food today!! :)
I feel very tired and tired and... you get it. staying inside 24/7 starts to.. not be fun.
tired yet knowing the day isnt over by a long shot.

february 2, 2023. update 4

Moms working (and works this weekend) and i'm very tired.
pain and stuff, kinda not fun. Been playing rw a decent ish amount and trying to be creative.
went to thrift store, found cat manga. that was good (and on monday.)

february 7, 2023. update 5

I may or may not have overhydrated and made myself sick.
I felt dizzy, as if i was an inch off the ground, but incredibly aware of how awful I felt.
wasn't that fun. I forget if i've already drank water and so I just get more.
I have been in a not great mood, but I rather not dicuss that on my public website. just imagine purgatory where its the number pad puzzle from OFFs tutorial and it never ends. its that.

february 28, 2023. update 6

I am not well. mentally trapped in my own head. I will be ok, please don't worry about my slience.
I wish i was in a better state to be able to explain, but i just can't.
i am really trapped in my own head and i've spent the week staring at the wall, alone. I can't stop thinking, but I have nothing left to think about.
to be frank, i think there is something really wrong. I don't know what to do, but I will be ok :)

april 17, 2023. update 7

oops! I dispeared for a long time, again. I'm great at doing that, aren't I?
I started driver's ed, thats pretty neat! I think!
I'm also.. not so great mentally still but do any of you actually care about that? Do I even care? Rainy day out, excited for something to come out of nothing :3

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