uh.. anyways my prounsrna they/them (simply the most coolest ones,) and i really like cats!! I.. think you can tell.
I love music and telling people their phone vibrates at F# and being accurate 70% of the time. I am a really big rain world fan!
Looks To The Moon is my favourite she seems so neat !! :3

I have trouble focusing a lot, and I also get very nervous. Please be paitent with me!! I apperciate it a ton!
I tend to write nonsense when I'm tired, heads up. (or down?)
and I like to make up words and/or phrases on the spot. Its rather fulsillen! So yeah I am mildly in my own little world.. sorry about that. if i dont dm you for six hours i probably just forgot! not ignoring you


I get off topic really easily so I can post about serious, scary world problems and than post a picture of my cat.
I am a minor, and even when I eventually wont be I do not want to see NSFW thanks.
I have.. mental issues and can forget I can step away from the computer screen. Please remind me to do so
my typing style is very disorganized and cluttered, so don't be afraid to ask "what do you mean?"

Things I've made!!


anything and everything related to lucky!! (link soon)

This is a cat i found on the interwebs!